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The Smartbox Mobile Enterprise Platform supports both Prepaid and Postpaid billing models, or even a combination of prepaid and postpaid.  Multiple rate plans can be designed and independently managed, each with its own lifecycle and provisioning logic, and each plan can support any number of optional features, or group multiple features together as feature packages.

Each account can hold any number of prepaid account balances, each denominated in its own unit or currency, and service usage and service transactions can be rated in real-time against these balances.

The engine supports both single and group (or family) plans, where members in a group can share common feature settings and account balances.

The billing engine also supports multiple pricing tiers, discounts, and taxes and regulatory fees.  The platform supports and tracks multiple dealers, with managed pricing and individual commission structures.  The system closes a daily accounting cycle and generates detailed financial statements.

A key feature of Smartbox Mobile is that a single instance of the platform can be used to host multiple, separate businesses sharing the same underlying equipment and resources but operating as separate, independent carriers (such as Mobile Virtual Network Operators).

Invoicing, customized bill printing and a Customer Online Bill-Pay are also supported, and the platform can also be integrated to 3rd-Party Bill Printing and Mailing services.

Most operations can be entirely automated, requiring minimal human maintenance and allowing the business to scale easily.