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Subscriber Management

The Smartbox Mobile Enterprise Platform features very powerful and customizable Subscriber life-cycle management.  In addition to the standard prepaid lifecycle implementations, we can work with you to implement your specific business model and requirements in code.

By implementing the business model on the Smartbox Mobile Enterprise Platform, an operator can encode and automate practically every major function related to the subscriber lifecycle, features and service provisioning, billing, invoicing, payments, notifications and reporting.

Your business model can be revised and added to over time.  These updates can be staged in limited trials or deployed globally.  And deployments can be done dynamically, without requiring system downtime.

Furthermore, for businesses such as network operators, your  business model is cleanly separated from the underlying hardware implementation.  This lets you update network components, or even change hardware vendors, without having to recode your business plans.  Most importantly, it lets you easily extend or redeploy your existing business model to new markets and new networks without extensive retooling.  And because all the tools and interfaces are web-based, there is little or no need for new software installations, upgrades, or retraining.