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Enterprise Automation

Smartbox Mobile Enterprise Platform is a modern, Web-based enterprise platform designed to manage very large-scale subscriber oriented businesses and applications such as:

  • Prepaid Cellular Carriers
  • Fleet Management
  • Governmental Agencies

The Smartbox Mobile Enterprise Platform includes modules for billing (prepaid and postpaid), invoicing, service provisioning, retail management, Customer Care, Web Services integration, Customer Online Bill Pay and more.  Practically every function required to run a large scale business is included or can be integrated from a 3rd party service provider.

At the heart of the platform is a flexible and programmable subscriber management engine.  The subscriber management engine is capable of hosting different rate plans, programmable lifecycle logic, customizable features, account balances and pricing options.

The platform deploys to the Cloud and its decentralized, distributable architecture enables it to be located at multiple data centers globally.  The platform’s user interfaces are all Web-based or Tablet applications that are easily and universally accessible and can be localized to any language, currency and region.  The subscriber platform scales effectively to host practically any number of users, from a thousand accounts to tens of millions, as well as managing any number of other entities (such as mobile devices) and services.

It is an ideal enterprise platform for businesses and organizations that require automated management of large numbers of users, entities and services.